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The birth of “A Deeper Collective” came to me in my morning meditation.  It arose from my desire to find a way to support, sustain and partner with small businesses of women, women of color and healers… but more importantly build community!

With all the shifts and stillness we experienced this past year, I knew for small businesses whose focus is healing, we needed to come together in a way to support each others’ modalities as well be a natural and ever evolving entity the supports transformation, empowerment, growth and healing on all levels for every individual who walks through our doors.

Each entity of the collective is unique and specialized in its offerings, plus helps support each of the other line forming a multi-dimensional helix, that shows each plays a role and fulfills a need cultivating wellness  and optimal functioning.


Let’s open the doors of “A Deeper Collective” so you can see our offerings…..


LiveURyoga empowers students to develop an enriching, personalized  yoga practice that complements all aspects of life! Our focus, vision, and mission is providing a platform for transformation, empowerment, and growth—meeting each person where they are and helping them move toward finding their inner peace.

Using the basic principles of yoga and entwining mind, body and spirit, our community focused yoga studio offers diverse yoga classes delivered by dynamic teachers. These practices include meditation, asana, connecting with the elements, and also incorporating basic Ayurvedic principles to help be the conduit to finding your bliss.

Meraki Mama Collective a space to gather + find community. 

A space that supports and empowers women + birthing people to develop positive, healthy visions of their bodies as they transition through pregnancy, birth, + into postpartum.

We aim to inform, inspire, + support expectant parents to realize their own best vision for a healthy + joyful passage into parenthood.
To provide expert, professional training in safe and effective fitness practices during the childbearing year and beyond.

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Learn. Grow. Experience.

Eclipse Over Roswell was established to fulfill the needs
​of the spiritual community.

We offer a wide range of retail products for your spiritual path along with personal services that include crystal and energy healing, tarot readings, psychic and mediumship readings, astrology, numerology, ​
​and much more!

Maggie Sharenko BCMT, CPT

Maggie and mechanics within the body can work for or against us all when overuse conditions develop. To best understand her clients' needs, Maggie uses her understanding of human anatomy, love of mechanics, and background in personal training to offer a custom session.

Sara Christman LMT

Sara the received her massage training from Georgia Massage School. Her style combines flowing movement with specific work to aid in the body's natural healing process. She uses Swedish massage techniques, clinically based deep tissue, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and stretching to calm, reset, and relax the body. 

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𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 is a holistic wellness practice focused on alternative healing modalities through Consulting, Workshops, and Advocacy that empower human transformation. Trudy Coarde, the company’s founder is reinforced by 20 years’ expertise as a multi-certified change management practitioner, business architect, and life coach. Her corporate experience includes leadership in Program Management and Delivery, Clinical Technology Strategy, and Planning solutions for some of the largest corporations in the US.


Through my offerings I help individuals and organizations reshape their thinking, combat stressors getting in the way of success, provide holistic health guidance utilizing alternative healing modalities and herbs, promote psychologically safe ways to make necessary adjustments leading to overall improved wellness and performance. 

Hi, I’m Pennie Nichols.

I believe that the powerful mind-body-spirit practices of the East are fundamental in our overall health. We must shift from a focus on ILLness to WELLness. We have the ability to transmute and shift energetic patterns - before and even after they present as physical illness.

My deep explorations of Eastern teachings on the connection of the mind-body-spirit have had a profound impact in my life. I am working to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Wellness and am passionate about sharing these practices with you. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Each line of our collective is unique in its focus but yet inclusive of holistic healing. 

We are here to help you feel better, live better, love better

…. How about just be better!

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Wildflower Wellness Botanica is here to assist you in achieving personal growth, optimal health, and clarity of mind through holistic remedies and spiritual practices. We are dedicated to assisting you along your personal life path with tools for natural healing. Whether its coming together for our latest yoga series, balancing your life with an intuitive tarot reading, or having a wellness consultation to better guide you on which of our custom herbal remedies will best suit your needs, our aim is to empower you as you reconnect with your most divine self!


As an advocate for the rediscovery of ancient wisdom and healing practices, all that enter this space will become inspired to: EMBRACE (your greatest power and potential),

ELEVATE (the frequency of your vibration: mind, body, and soul), & EVOLVE (by aligning with the highest form of healing there is...LOVE).

Paths to Integration ....

is a combination Holistic Healing, Self-Development and Spirituality focused on the Awakening our 
of Consciousness and development of Personal Integration.

The practices that we offer are disciplines in :
- Contemporary and Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
- Qi Gong in its different expressions (Martial, Healing and Spiritual Qi Gong).
- Meditation.
- Traditional Chinese Medicine.
- Healing Sounds.


Doulas of ATL offer mindful and inclusive birth and postpartum support throughout Metro Atlanta. As friends and business partners, Lauren Bernazza and Courtney Busha-Lopez work together in a partnership model to offer the best in sustainable birth work for our community. 


We view birth as a portal between two worlds, a truly transformative event in your life, and an opportunity for deep self-exploration - for both the birther and the partner. As we hold space for your family while you cross this threshold, we call on ancestral wisdom to guide us and approach this sacred work with compassion.


Our services include Birth and Postpartum Doula Support, Childbirth Education, Twin Prep Class, Perinatal Yoga, and Birth Blessing Ceremony.

Earth Alkemy was started as a way to help people connect more with themselves and with nature.  The services and classes of Earth Alkemy are designed to bring us into deep states of relaxation and to provide elements of nature to help us in achieving our healing. 


Lisa Spiteri has practiced esthetics since 2008 and brings an approach of "ritual skincare" to the Collective. She elevates the experience of facial treatments through high vibrational skincare products that are designed to transform both your inner and outer states of being. It is an unparalleled experience, truly transformative once you leave the treatment room.

Lisa is an intuitive, she worked for many years in herbal nutrition, has training with stone and crystal healing, nature communication and earth healing, and is also certified in Usui Reiki.

Facial services draw upon deep massage techniques, traditional Ayurvedic Kansa wands as well as Tibetan relaxation practices, and healing stone facials.

Classes will include how to connect more deeply with nature through Evan Healy skincare, creating self rituals for home use, manifestation through nature, etc.

Bring your friends and explore the variety of ways you can heal and connect!"

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Tel: (678) 571-8236
27 Oak Street
Roswell, GA 30075

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